How to rank keywords on search engine first page?

Search engine optimization(SEO) everyone heard that name. But most people don't know how to optimize a website and how to keywords choose the rank on the search engines. Yes, in this blog we will talk about how to optimize a website and how google bots work when users search for a query. Also, we'll discuss how to choose rights keywords to rank on the search engines.

Let's get started.

First, we will talk about how to optimize a website. When we start optimizing a website it includes meta tag, mobile-friendly website, image optimization, javascript, and CSS minify, website speed and page loading speed, and etc. First, improve the page loading speed for this you can use the Page speed insight tool. In this, you can check the speed of page loading on your website and find a solution to speed up the page below on the same page of this tool.

Then we will talk about image optimization. In image optimization, the reason that your website is large for image size is that it takes time to load a website and your website performance is decreasing. The image size is larger when you save the image to the Normal format. We suggest you to save image in WebP extension. It is the next-generation format for saving images, and you can even video save in webMp format.

Then minimize your javascript and CSS file to speed up your page speed. You can use Javascript minifiers and CSS minifiers for this. Also, in Page Speed ​​Insights you will find JavaScript and CSS related solutions to increase mobile page speed.

A mobile-friendly website is an easy-to-use website for the user. Now more than 50% of search queries are done on smartphones in 2020. See how important a mobile-friendly website is.  So it's important that your website will be mobile friendly You can check on Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) whether the website is mobile-friendly or Not.

Before moving the meta tag, we discuss how to select and implement a keyword. In Keyword Research we have many websites to find keywords on our website. We have GOOGLE Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, Keyword Research Tool, etc.

First, you need to know the keywords types:

It has 4 types of Exact keywords, Broad match keywords, Broad match modifier, Phrase match keywords.

Exact match keywords: 

These keywords mean you target those specific words. Example like keywords is an app development these keywords are target who's this search on app development. These keywords are high volume but easily not rank keywords in minimum time.
Exact Match keywords

Board Match Keywords:

 There are in broad match keywords users allow to search keywords with another at the end or first. An example keyword is app development. In this user search like mobile app development or app development company.
The first user adds another word in the starting of keywords and the second one user adds a word in the last of a keyword. This both type your website are shown on search engine pages.

Broad Match

Broad Match Modifier Keywords:

In broad match keywords are new entrant is lies in between broad and phrase match keywords. It gives more control than broad match keywords. It works by adding + sign in front of keyword phrases. An example of app development is written as  +app, +development.
Broad match modifier

So whenever a user searches like a mobile app development company it searches results appear with your keywords.

Phrase Match Keywords: 

In a phrase match keywords it setting that allows keywords type exact match and close variation of exact phrase match keywords. For example, your keywords as app development and user type android app development. It shows your results.
Phrase match keywords
Now talk about long tails keywords, these keywords have been selected to minium time to rank our website. when we take app development is short term keywords long-tail keyword are like mobile app development company in Mumbai. In this, there are 2 keywords that are mixed 1st one is an app development and 2nd one is an app development company in Mumbai.
These keywords have a medium volume but it takes minimum to rank a website.
Now we talk about meta tags. How to write meta tags.
In meta tag 1st tag is the title tag. A title tag should include primary keywords. Its ideal length is 64 characters tow write a title tag. Write an attractive and well sentence of title tag with keywords so the user clicks your links.
Meta description: Meta description in not rank a website but help to make rich snippets. An ideal meta description is 164 characters to write a description od page include primary keywords.
Schema markup: In schema markup, we write about our rating, business hour opening, business name, our product, location of geometric, phone number, site URL and social profile.
These are how to optimize a website and how to select keywords and how to write a meta tag and schema markup to rank our website. 


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