What is SEO and why it is important for website

Hey! In this blog, we are talking about SEO and why we need SEO for a website? Have you ever thought about this what is SEO and why is it necessary?
Here we talk about SEO and the first thing it comes to mind is what is the full form and its definition. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization".
Definition: SEO is a process that increases quality and quantity traffic to the website and improves website visibility.
SEO is gain more organic traffic this was real and actually who they are interested in our products and website. In PPC we targeted people in the advertisement are not sure they are interested in our product or websites.
source: https://graydian.com/
SEO is important for a website because where we optimize our website to many types to improve website and rank in various search engines.
SEO is a part of the digital marketing category. Here we do rank our website and get more visitors and generate more lead.

How SEO works?

For successful SEO, we need to go through some steps
Step 1: On-page SEO
Step 2: Off-page SEO
Step 3: Link building
Step 4: Keywords research
Step 5: Social network & many more.

On-page optimization: Here we need to check our website errors, keywords, meta tag error, title tag, and description tag.
Off-page optimization: Here we build back-links. Back-links are built through many types like blog making, article writing, social bookmarking, image sharing, PPT sharing, forum submission, directory submission.
Link building: The link building is one of the off-page SEO activities. In this way, we try to build backlinks from other websites. We have various websites to submit our website links. In SEO link building is more important to rank a website.
Keywords research: The keywords research is an important part of  SEO where we can search for keywords our websites. This is many sites like Google Adwords, Ubersuggest, Keywords search, etc.
Social Networks and many more: We share our website links to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. In this platform, we share our website images, video, portfolio, company basic details, location, many more.

SEO Benefits

  • Build our network
  • Give more traffics
  • Build back-links
  • Improve website visibility
  • Promotes better cost management
  • Build brand credibility
  • Encourage local users to visit a physical store after a website visit. 
SEO is built our network not only for a specific region it can be depended on which country and which region we are targeted.
Work more on on-page SEO and use more keywords and meta tags we used and international targeting we use href-lang tag and submit our website link more international website and improve our ranking on a search engine. 
Used google webmaster to find out technical error, our performance and click as well as how many visitors visit our website.
Encourage local users to visit a physical store is important. whenever we signup in google my business google shows our website in Map for near locate users. so improve the google my business, review, rating, vai client. so talk about your client and told to do write it a product, services, and team.


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