Stages Of Mobile App Development

A mobile app development company or an individual developer or programmer when developing a mobile application, they must follow these stages for the development of successful mobile applications. This blog is for those who want to develop an app or the user who uses the mobile app, who must know about these stages that the company or developer follows. There are 4 stages to develop a mobile application.
Let's see these 4 stages.
Stage 1: Pre – Design
Stage 2: Design
Stage 3: Development
Stage 4: Support  So, let’s learn about all the above stages in detail
Stage 1: Pre-Design
Pre-design is the first stage of mobile app development. Whenever we accept a project from the clients, we first understand his/ her aim of developing this project, general details of the project, then what technology they want to use it.  This is a stage that makes sure to set a perfect start to design and develop for great project users or clients actually wants.
What is done in these Pre-design Stages?
In this stage, we establish and identify the core concept and objective of the mobile applications.  This does that with one or two workshops or meeting with a client and our entire experts, UX specialist and Business Analyst give an opinion on the client’s project or suggest them with a better scenario which would be helpful for the client. 
We also check, if their app or idea is already in the market or not? If this similar app is available in the market, we check their technology, advantages, drawbacks, bugs and apply in our app.
What is a result of these pre-design stages?
At the end of the pre-design stage, the client presents their app and our team suggests an idea.  People often think to jump directly to the design stages, but this is a bad idea and gets a bad final result.
So, this is the main stage because we make sure that what our user actually wants? What is the main objective of the project? And do we have a similar application in the market?
Stage 2: Design
Once you have done this pre-design step and get successfully recommends then we are ready to move on design stages.  Here we design actual projects or mobile applications. In the design stage UI and UX design is an important part of the app.  What is done in this Design Stage?  The design stage UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are on your apps.
There are Five-step in the design stage that order is: Wireframe, Concept, Collaborative design, Prototyping, User testing respectively.
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We start with Wireframe design. This wireframe design is based on UX design that outlines the basic structure of your app. The wireframe is a flow between the screen. The example of you have a sign-in screen and branch screen of sign up and forget passwords screen. The wireframe shows how to connect the screen.
Once we finalized the wireframe screen then we move on visual design, creating design first. Take two or three app key screen that explores variously way. The concept design that which have organized by guidelines in terms of limited space of screens.
Collaborative Design:
In collaborative design, we usually see that clients have different parts of the concept. The button that wants another color. So, in this design part, we try to cover and finished the unified design.
Prototyping Design:
We have done visual design, which can combine to the UX flow wireframe to create working prototypes.  This design is a collection of the image screen. When the screen is a clickable screen to another screen. There share data on screen in your data-drives prototypes.
User Testing:
In user testing prototype final going to the user to get feedback within a company people.
Stage 3 Development:
Now done the pre-design and design stage we have to move actual build an app it. The development stages developer gives functionality on the app. The development process is done what is known as development sprints.
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They focus on each bit of functionality.   At the end of a sprint, build is realizing before the check the whole app functionality. The software tester or quality analyst team checks the app, functionality and any bug are an app.
The development process is done we move to RC (release candidate) status check of refinements are made and push on the app store.
The development process takes a very long period out of all these mobile app development stages.
Stages 4: Support
The completed app, you should now have a live app that targets the audience started using it. At this point, you go forth and final stages.
The support part is can be planned when the new device has to become or come update on OS. The minor update doesn't be created issue but major and big update created issue so supports is when development apps.