White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
We all know that SEO is important to our websites, for Google rankings, website views, user experience, etc. SEO is a free technique are used for organics lead generation. When we do SEO, it usually takes a result in four to five months but scram people want their website rank 1st position as one to two days they use black hat SEO technique. Yes, we talk about what is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO and their techniques in this blog. It is also known as legal and illegal techniques.
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white hat and black hat SEO
When we develop a website, we see that there are many competing or similar website products or services on search engines. Then we host a search engine. Our website rank is very low so we optimize our website with keywords, technical issue and many more to rank a website whereas people see our website.
White Hat SEO
White hat SEO is a legal technique to use to improve rank on the search engine. White hat SEO as a slow technique to get the results. Why the name comes as a White Hat SEO. White means it is a legal technique. White hat SEO uses the proper technique that is set by search engine guidelines. Search engines set as proper rules or protocols to improve ranking and visibility on it. We see the technique about white hat. A white hat SEO technique is the keyword, keyword research, number of quality backlinks, blogging, technical issue solving, etc.
1) Keywords:
The most important technique to improve ranking factors as a keyword. The keywords should be used as in website title, description, content. When we apply the keywords on a website then we also build backlinks for these keywords. Like images, text format, blogs to build a website keyword.
2) Keywords Research:
In this technique we find relevant keywords for our website to write meta tags like description, Heading tag, the title tag. The keywords research technique is important to find the right keyword and improve your website. Keywords research is part of white hat SEO as we wait for the rank our keywords minimum time spent is two to three months.
3) Increase Number of Quality Backlinks:
In SEO the most important part is Backlinks. Backlinks are the incoming hyperlinks from one website to another website. In simple words, we say that backlinks are used to bring users from one website to another website. We have many activities to submit our website links to other websites. For Example, Directory submission, Blog commenting, Article submission, Forum posting, Question and answer activities, etc.
4) Resolving Technical Issues:
Technical issue solving or resolving is a white hat SEO technique that we solve the technical issue of our website and improve the user experience on our websites. Also, we improve meta tags, title tags, image alt tags to improve ranking on Search engines.
The above activities are some of the activities of White Hat SEO that everyone should follow to improve ranking, avoid duplication issues, give the right information to users.

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO refers to a set of practices that are used to increase a website or page's rank in search engines through means that violate the search engines “Terms of Service”. In simple words Black Hat SEO technique is used to rank your website by giving wrong information, cloaking, sneaky redirect, keywords stuffing, poor quality content, paid or bad links, abusing structured data, blog comment spam, private blog networks, etc.
Let us go through the technique of Black Hat SEO one by one below

1) Cloaking sneaky redirects:
Cloaking redirects are like a display URL and an actual URL. When a user finds some information in a search engine and clicks on one URL but he redirects with another URL. Cloak redirects is an old technique to increase visitors on a website. This is a Black Hat SEO technique to redirect on a website that is not useful for users.
2) Keyword stuffing:
The keyword stuffing is also called as web spam, spamdexing in there one keyword repeated density in high. Meta tag and visible content, anchor tag, alt tag such keywords are mainly used to increase rank on search engines.
3) Paid or bad Links:
One of the parts of backlinks increases as paid links. Most people buy paid links or bad links to increase backlinks. Bad links mean unwanted sited, dark sites, deep links buy to increase users from this site to your site. This is mostly used for the increase page rank of websites.
4) Spam commenting:
The spam comment is commenting on blog, website to worthless message and no-relational message of blog or website. This is also used to give bad reviews or comments on bad impacts on users.
5) Abusing Structured Data:
The abusing is to provide inaccurate data on search engines and users to rank their website. This is a risky technique because the search banned a website for this activity.


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