How do Mobile applications make money? Let's see

We all use mobile smartphones. We don't remember how many apps we install on our smartphones. At least we have around 20-30 apps on our phones but the maximum number of apps installed on the phone is 60 or more. We install an app that is free of downloaded so we haven't figured out how to make money? The maximum number of apps on the Play Store is free to download, but we haven't noticed the business behind them, any business can't offer free service? absolutely Not.
But if they don't charge for downloading apps and give access to use the app, how do apps make money? We will see the answer in this blog. But first, let's see why every mobile app needs monetization.

Why the mobile application needs monetization?

When a developer or company creates an application for free download that means they are in the Insight app to sell or buy ads, game products or anything else.
Different Monetization model below:
1. App purchase model:
In this model buy a mobile app on the store like play store and Apple store app store we see lots of apps for buy download. Like pro-apps or premium app with full version app. An example is nova theme launcher is a paid app on play store. This app has a free app also but this lots of themes for android mobiles.
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See above images we conclusion that is google play store is a number of users downloaded the free app and only 4% user download as paid apps or on app store iPhone and iPad are paid app downloading percentage is increases as 23% and 31%.
That means on app store app will be more users to download as a paid app. This is more make money from app downloads.
2.Advertising based App model:
The advertise base app is to show advertisements on their app. As an example, Facebook and the Instagram app we see are lots of advertisements like shopping, style, any brand advertisement, etc.
In the advertisements base model, it is free to download the apps.
They occur a charge from the third party by display their product, listing, banner type or shorts video through.
In other words, they occur good money by boosting a post and content, increasing sales on their premium app by offering users to buy it.
3. Data selling App model:
The data selling model is a huge amount of profit for the app have to engagement and generic information of contact from their users. We see 1days the multiple numbers of SMS come on the phone. We didn't sign up or not give any information then how they know our name and our interest. In-play store or app store lot of data is sold to the third party. It has more monetization.
4. Freemium App model:
The freemium app is free to download to offer free service to users and once users get hooked by free service then add paid service and upgrade the app version that the user actually loves it and ends buying the Premium membership.
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Eg: Clash of clans (COC) is a free game to download. But then we want gems to upgrade the level we buy gems through real money.
App monetization is the best way to make money. This freemium app has more power in making money compared to other applications. We have another game Pub-G once a user downloads the game for free then, in some cases, the user pays money for guns, skins, and many more.
5. Affiliate Marketing App:
Amazon, Flipkart, and many more are some applications that follow affiliate marketing strategy. These apps are developed in such a way that the money made through such apps is distributed in the app owner and also affiliate programmers in some cases. These apps are also called lead generation app which is mainly used to generate a lead for vendors and other small-scale businesses who can sell their product in National as well as International markets and make profits. This is also useful for bank credit cards who can use user's data through this app.


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