OFF Page SEO Activity and Tools

We know that SEO optimization is more important to rank your website on search engines. SEO optimization is of 2 types they are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. We talk about in this blog about off-page SEO technique and its tools. Everyone knows that off-page optimization is a backlink building where we submit our website to another website. An off-page SEO tools technique is like old activity and new activity.

Off-page SEO


An off-page SEO is an old activity like Directory submission, Question, and Answer, Commenting on Blogs, Classified Ad submissions. Let’s just see brief information about this activity below
  • Directory Submission: Directory submission is an old activity. In directory submission, there are two types one of them is one-way submission and another is two-way submission. --In One-way submission, we submit our website link to other web pages without exchange. It's the most useful link building on google. --Two-way submission is like harmful directory submission because they consider link trade between the website and bad negative effect on google.
  • Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is one of the used techniques to build backlinks. This is relational between bloggers and blog commenting. Even blog commenting is used for readers to write their opinions and feedback about the blog but recent time phrase is used for directory submission. Blog commenting is not effective to build backlinks.
  • Q&A (Questions and Answering): Question and Answer is a way to get high traffic by question and answer website. like answer yahoo and Quora website submitted your answer with your website links. But submitting your answer you should try to rank your answer in 1st position.
  • Classified submissions: Classified Ads submission is a technique to register your business website link with the website. This is used for an e-commerce website or thus who website has to provide products and services.


Androapps Technology
Androapps Technology
  • Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is a new activity to build backlinks. Social bookmarking is bookmarking your site. It's a few examples like google bookmarking, yahoo bookmarking, Reddit, Digg, etc. Social bookmarking is a bookmark a page in the highlighted website to whenever users search about our keywords and query possibly search engine shows our website.
  • Article submission and blog submissions: Article and blog submission is a technique to submit our blog and article with our keywords to a few sites like,,,, Article submission and blog submission has few rules, A blog should contain a maximum of 500 and 600 words, don’t write about our product or word in a blog and there should be two hyperlinks, keywords and the image which should not be copied.
  • Press Release: The Press release is one of the most important techniques to build backlinks. A press release is a technique to write a true story about our company achievement, awards, events and our branches opening soon. An example is a prlog, it is a high DA website.
  • PPT & PDF submissions: PPT and PDF submission is a new off-page SEO submission technique to create PPT and pdf. For example,, Slideshare, power show, Diggo,, etc. are high da and pa website.
  • Business profile submissions: Business profile submission is to submit our business information like business brand name, product, service, opening/ closing hours, URL, images, etc. It is useful for a user to get knowledge of your company.
  • Local citation: Local citation is like register our business in a local and famous site where a lot of users search a new site. Examples like Justdial, Sulekha, Mumbai yellow page, Yets, etc.
  • Image Sharing: Image sharing is a popular backlink build to share our product, business-related image and offer service images. For example, Pinterest, Photo Bucket, Diggo, Flicker, etc.
  • Video submission: This recent time video submission is popular in the off-page SEO submission site. example like daily motion, guide it is a popular site to share our business-related video.
  • Infographics submission: Infographics share site is Tumblr, infographics journal,,, etc. Infographics are highly graphic images.