Why should you build a website and app for business ?

Hey! We are talking about business, many years ago we were using television, radio, door to door, word of mouth to grow our business but, now technology has changed people's mindset. We invest a lot of money for television ads, pamphlets, marketing & sales executives for our business.
   Do you know that website and mobile application has brought some new technologies for your business growth with this you may plan new strategies and set up your target business with the audience you want

   How can a website and app make business? 

We know that millions of people using smartphones, tablets, Ipad on their regular uses. so we invest in making an app /website for our business. Lots of people search for their query, the latest technology. find something new or product. This year survey internet users of it around 4.32 billion and smartphone users have over 3.2 billion. It lot's of people using smartphones then why not we should target this audience?  It also measures the audience how many see our ads and how many interested in our product or service.
(Image source:https://unsplash.com/)

  It is less money and time consuming our business marketing and increases business. We should develop a business app and website and promote it to a targeted audience.

     Promoting Apps And Website

Promoting app and website means to create display ads, video ads, text ads on youtube, google various platforms to promoting apps and websites. 


That is a new technology world. People changed their mindset to buy any product or service. Its new strategies to marketing our product or service on huge amount audiences in less time and low money