Digital Marketing

We are talking about Digital Marketing. Have you ever thought about Digital marketing? How to promote a website or app digitally? How to create brand awareness in the market?
This is a solution to all the above questions about “Digital Marketing”.
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In digital marketing, we use a lot of techniques like SEO, PPC, CPC, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing to promote website/app /product.
Nowadays you must have heard about SEM. So, SEM stands for "Search engine marketing". SEM is used to promote a website via display ads, text ads, video ads. SEM is similar to Pay Per Click (PPC).
SEO and SEM are used for the increase of website traffics and to display ads in various search engine platforms. SEO is mainly used to improve website errors, build backlinks, improve page speed and to improve user experience on our website.
Email marketing: Oldest activity in digital marketing. Email marketing is are collect an email from our subscriber, then facebook, new users. This best way of engaging with our new and old client. In email marketing, we send our new product, a new service, offer about or our new branch sends them to mails. This is targeting people for brand awareness by sending emailers to your target audience.
Androapps Technology

In Social Media Marketing (SMM) we use different Social media platforms to promote our brand or products to millions of people in less time and less money. We have Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc. Now, Facebook is the largest social media platform used for SMM. Here there are approximately 2 Billion active users daily.
Affiliate marketing is another way to promote our brand on another website. So, millions of traffic come on our website to get the product. This type of marketing is mainly used for e-commerce websites where people purchase our product via another website. We all know Amazon affiliate which is the most important source of affiliate marketing.
In affiliate marketing, we develop an app or website then the user redirects with our link. Affiliate marketing we use their network or program link to we earn the money.
Many a time it has happened that people ask me why we do digital marketing?
I simply told that if you see a product or a brand daily you get aware of that product or brand. We cover a huge amount of people in less time through Digital Marketing. This is also a cost-effective source of marketing.
Video marketing: The video marketing we submit the video on various platforms like youtube, daily motion, etc. Video marketing is one of the most useable is youtube. In 2019 2 billion users are on a youtube channel.
SEM: Search engine marketing is paid marketing via display ads, text ads, video ads, banner ads, Search ads, to create ads with Google AdWords or any you want to search engine. In SEM do advertisements with our relevant keywords.
We learned about digital marketing and also different types of digital marketing. Digital marketing is with tools as google webmaster, SEMrush, ubersuggest, ahref tools that we can analyze our performance ranking and social media status.


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